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We are a Belgium-based game tech hub that empowers talented companies of all sizes with hands-on support and investment.

Who we are
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Helping you focus on what matters - your game, your team and your company.

Cronos Interactive is part incubator, developer and publisher. We offer game studios & applied game tech companies the advantages of belonging to a big professional network, with the creative freedom and agility usually only reserved for independent developers.

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Our mission

Investment and support to make your games happen.

Instead of designing by committee - or worse, by spreadsheet - we believe in prototype-driven game design to ensure that we give original ideas every chance to prove their worth.

Aside from financial investment, we offer flexible support where you need it most. In search for a blockchain infrastructure to build an MMO economy? Check. Need extra coders, artists or storytellers to help? Done. Need assistance in marketing and PR? We got you covered.

The days of developers working in isolation are long over.

With decades of experience in agile software development, we understand that building games is by nature a complicated and interconnected process. We help you get the most out of early access, crowdfunding and play-testing.

Thanks to a solid network of partners and our direct access to different communities, we make sure your game gets noticed by players worldwide.

Launching a game is hard work. Getting noticed in the marketplace is even harder.

Today’s world requires new techniques to reach an audience. We know the tricks and trade of growth hacking, digital marketing and social media to help you build a sustainable fanbase. For years or maybe decades to come.

To keep IP's safe we provide access to a crack legal team that can help protect your assets. They will take care of all the hard stuff like contracts, NDA's and copyright.

What matters is getting your game played by as many people possible.

We say no to penny pinching DLC, "lootboxes", exploitative micro-transactions and addictive gambling schemes. Instead we use monetisation strategies that give players the content and stories they want.

Physical, digital or both? We help you distribute your game to worldwide audience. Our goal is to unburden you from the tedious tasks and let you focus on your game, your team and your company.

  1. Prototyping & development
  2. Network & Community
  3. Marketing & Legal
  4. Monetisation & distribution
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What we do
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The power of a network

We're a quickly expanding game network in Belgium that matches extraordinary
talents with the right support, partners and investment.

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Our friends & family

News & updates

Read all the latest news, info and updates about our games and the people behind the stories.

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Meet the team

Our team is made up out of business experts, game professionals and entrepreneurial coaches.
We have everything on board to make your projects successful.


Matthias Doornaert


Dave Van de Maele


Chantal Smits


Wim Tobback


Vincent Vanderbeck


Sam Bambust

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